Update on book #5

Hello! I wanted to shoot you all a quick message on where I am at with my next book.

First I want to give a little background: I am started to work last summer and I had trouble juggling everything so writing was something that got neglected. On top of that, I had a lot of "creative wounds" to work on healing. While I nurtured those the building up of creative energy inside me continued to grow.

I am now happy to say that I'm steadily working on the first draft of Delia's book - Book #5. The goal is to have it completed by years end!

Thank you for your patience through this transition.

Book Fair

I'll be participating in my first Book Fair. It's in conjunction with a Used Book Sale with the Central Arkansas Library System. I'm excited &  nervous. I hope I can sell a handful of books & am not standing there all alone like the desperate nerd I used to be/am waiting to be asked onto the dance floor!

Click here for the event details!

Book 4 Updates.


Please be patient with me! I've slowly been working on my fourth book, Alls Wright in Love and Lies

The book is not yet where I want it to be as my first standalone novel - not yet polished enough to serve as a follow-up to my trilogy series. This process is taking much longer than the trilogy did, mostly because I've progressed as an author and become harder on myself than I ever was before.

On bad days I read my writing, gag, and then proceed to rip it to shreds and rewrite it over and over again. On the really bad days I consider throwing in the towel and torching my computer. But there are also the good days, when I go back to work and continue to fix, fix, fix. Perhaps I am becoming a tortured artist - or maybe I'm just torturing myself! Either way, it will be its very best for you soon!

I hope you are ready for this book's debut because it is a novel full of romance, uncomfortable situations (my specialty!), enduring love, death, and the power of family.


Quitting Writing For Good..

A little over a year ago, I was becoming increasingly anxious about the release of my first book, Taking Flight. I looked at my husband and asked him if I was completely crazy. Was this whole thing crazy?
He reassuringly patted me on the leg and told me I was doing the right thing – not just for me, but for our family. He’d seen a transformation in me once I started writing and producing my own material. He’d watched his bored, restless housewife transform into someone who didn’t gripe about the little things, who disappeared into her office to spend time with her fictional friends. (Read: he saw an opportunity to put up his feet and toss his socks on the floor without me being there to roll my eyes and remind him how little he appreciates me!)
I remember telling him, “This time next year, we’ll know.”
“Know what?” he asked as I studied his feet on the coffee table.
“We’ll know if I’m doing well or if I should throw in the towel and give up on this dream of mine.”
He nodded but didn’t reply, which is often the case – I assume when you’re married to a blabbermouth such as myself, you tune a lot of things out, or maybe that’s just how men are.  
Anyway, here we are now - One Year Later.  And what have I learned? Am I doing well? Should I give it up?
What I have discovered throughout this process is that many authors take years to make their mark on the industry. There’s also the fact that the industry is changing. People don’t have the attention spans they once did; they won’t read something now unless 10 of their friends have recommended it. If no one takes a chance on something, no one knows about it – and there’s so much material out there that it’s impossible to give everything a chance. It’s possible that I won’t ever make a mark on the traditional popular book industry. I have sold some books, but not a lot, and traditional publishing frowns on that.
Does this make me happy or sad? I’m not sure on the answer to this. I do have a book that people seem to enjoy. Many of the readers that have discussed it with me had many questions about my creative process and commented that they couldn’t put down the material. At the same time, I may go months with very minimal sales and that bothers me – it makes me feel like a dud, a failure, a no-good hack … you fill in the blank, I’ve felt it.
Ultimately, I don’t think anyone should ever pursue writing for money or success. All of us can point to an author who has indeed started to do that and whose writing doesn’t feel as real as their old stuff did, who seems to have lost their spark amidst the publicity and fame.
Should I give up? I currently have 4-5 more books arced out. I have more characters to explore, more stories to invent, more men to fall in and out of love with (sorry, husband!). I’ve even got some murders to commit, as well as some heartbreaking deaths to get through.
For the most part, I love what I’m doing. I love sitting down with my laptop and my little notebook full of ideas and storylines jotted along the pages, full of my research on the stages of grief and the body’s healing mechanisms. I love the phases of the writing process. I love reading something and surprising even myself with what I’ve created. Sometimes I can’t help but think: Did I do that? (Not in an Urkel voice, for the record.)
As for quitting, I guess my answer is this: perhaps I’ll consider it after Book #8.  

New Facebook Page

Hey! I finally broke down and made a separate Facebook page for all of my writing updates. Feel free to like and follow here.


Feelings & The Event

The Event is officially out!
It’s a bittersweet end to this series for me. I cried when it was over. Like most things in my life, it took me a few hours to process what happened and my feelings about it. I finished working on the last lines of The Event and went about the rest of my day, cooking dinner and taking care of our children. When my husband came home from work, I filled him on the day’s happenings and then told him that I’d completed my final corrections and read-through on the book. He was nonchalantly, halfway listening to me as I said, “Yeah. It’s over.”

Then I began bawling.
I thought about my characters and how much time I’ve spent with them. How much I enjoyed writing them. How much I am going to miss them! They feel so real to me and as I wrote them I laughed, loved, cried, and was angry right along with them. I am not sure if other writers feel this way too, but letting these characters go feels like I’m losing real friends.
My husband tried to console me and suggested maybe I write more about Cory, Samson, and Cole. I’ve thought about that possibility. Could there be more here? Could this be a series that goes on and on? But I just can’t feel that. It’s over. Their stories are all wrapped up tightly and their world is complete for me. There’s nothing I dislike more than a TV show or book series that lost its steam long ago but keeps on attempting to find the same spark there once was.

On a happy note, thank you so much to those of you who read the trilogy and told me how much you enjoyed it! That made me feel like I wasn’t crazy for spending so much time with these imaginary people. Maybe they’ll be as missed by others as they will by me.

One Week till The Event is out!

One week till the epic conclusion to the trilogy that I have been working tirelessly on for the last two years can be all yours. I hope you enjoy. You can order the Ebook through Amazon and Apple or the actual book version here.

I also want to reveal of how my new covers look, I am so proud of them and want to bow at the feet of my design artist for making them all flow together and look beautiful. They will be for sale at Beauty is a Breeze in Cabot, Arkansas for a discounted rate very soon!

Book One: Taking Flight

Book One: Taking Flight

Book Two: Remove Before Flight

Book Two: Remove Before Flight

Book Three: The Event

Book Three: The Event


Remove Before Flight is Out, today!

The second book of the Taking Flight Trilogy, Remove Before Flight, is out today on Amazon and iBooks.
I wrote all 120,000 words of Remove Before Flight in just three months. In fact, I believe I got a little carpal tunnel, I wrote this one so fast - but I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I started out writing Taking Flight I had basic ideas of my characters, but in the second book I really got to dig deep and explore more about them. I had a complete blast doing so!
Most of my life I’ve been stumbling around, not quite knowing what exactly my place in the world should be. I’ve never been particularly good at anything. I’ve always just been average. Average intelligence, looks, height, athletic ability … you get the point. Nothing about me was very special or different, but I was always good at observing.
I could read people’s moods and behaviors from a young age. I remember being a little girl and being so curious when my parents were playing cards late at night with their friends. I would sneak downstairs and listen to them talk. This tells me that even at that age, I was studying up. All those years of being far too nosy and interested in other people’s business taught me a lot about behavior and mannerisms. I didn’t realize this would eventually give me the ability to construct relatable characters and weave stories to go along with them.
Writing has given me the purpose I was seeking. For me, writing is cathartic. It’s my passion and at times, it can be hard to shut it down and focus on other things. I now understand that my life will always involve some form of storytelling. I hope that when you read my books, you can feel how much love I put into them and how happy I am to be making my way through this process.
If you read Taking Flight and enjoyed it, I can’t wait for you to finish Remove Before Flight because you are going to be floored! I believe that whether you’re a fan of Samson or Cole, you’ll be pleased with where this story is heading …

Two Weeks!

It’s been two weeks since I released Book One. My initial goal was that I wanted to sell 50 e-books total: I have now surpassed that! Although I expected to have some readers who were curious about what I've been up to, I didn't expect the warm response from so many others. One of my favorite comments from this past could of weeks has been, "I really liked it and I'm not just saying that to be nice."

Calling myself a "writer" has been hard. I am not classically trained; in fact, to this day I struggle with the difference between "effect" and "affect," "than" and "then," and many more. (I have a Post-It in my office to help me along!) Thank God for my friend/editor Nikki Carter or I'd never have gotten this book out. However, what I may lack in grammar skills, I make up for in creativity and persistence. Once I began typing, I literally could not sleep some nights because I was so excited to sit down and get the scenes out of my head.

I knew I had something special and that I wanted to share it, but that also brought on a lot of anxiety. People in my day-to-day life don't really fully "know" me. They know the polished, filtered version, but they don't see the grittier me. It's scary opening up to an audience on a very deep and personal level and letting people into my mind and heart. Every emotion and line that you read is from me - something I either experienced or thought about. Not too many people can say that they have the opportunity to reveal their true selves to the world. It's amazing but also overwhelming!

That being said, I'm very pleased that I've been welcomed by all of you with open arms. Thank you for being so supportive. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the warmest of welcomes into the writing world and the next phase of my life.

I received my first book review, I've been nervous and excited to see what they had to say. Check it out here!

XoXo- C

Exciting News!

I am officially a self-published author!

For those of you who don’t already know, I’ve been writing, rewriting, and editing my life away for the last 14 months. When I say this process has been a labor of love, I mean it - I love it completely in every possible way, every single bit of it, and boy, is it hard work!

If you’re interested in my book, it’s now available for pre-sale and will only be in e-book form for now. You can find it here:

I have just one request to make of you. If you decide to read my book, please rate it afterward and leave me some feedback in whatever forum you utilize. The only way to make it in the e-book business is by having reviews. I will need all the help I can get!

Thank you so much for your support, advice, and encouragement throughout this process.