Fighting Prose Interview with Nannette Kreitzman

Welcome to Fighting Prose. An in-depth author interview series about writing.

I’m starting out this series with a bang! Nannette is a sweet woman that I’ve become acquainted with through social media. She’s interactive, supportive and sweet. Keep reading to find out all about her, her process and how she’s filled her empty nest with fun short stories.

How long have you been writing? 

I have written little snippets and scenes my whole life.  I started writing complete short stories last October and now have self-published seven of them. 

What's your favorite of your short stories? 

That’s a hard one.  Discovering Me is fun because it let me explore my dark side.  I have a sweet spot for Spitfire’s Gift because of my history with horses and, well, cowboys are a weakness.  But the two Willow stories tap something in me.

If you could bring one of your characters to life who would it be? Why?

Another hard one.  Willow is a vulnerable yet strong woman.  I think she’d make a great friend.  Joe, in Spitfire’s Gift, is a cowboy, and I think I mentioned how I felt about them. 

What's your favorite genre to read? Write? 

I love reading historical fiction.  As for writing, again, I don’t call the shots.  That’s why all my stories are so different.

Tell me about your process: How do you get your ideas?

My ideas, without fail, come to my while I’m walking my dog.  She’s my little furry collaborator!  My memory is horrific, so I dictate a lot of notes (that Siri loves to play pranks with) and then come home and write.  I’m one of the weird ones that edits as I write.  It helps me shape the story. 

Who do you admire the most in the writing world?

My favorite author is Diana Gabaldon.  Her writing is amazing, her dialogue full of playful banter, and the love story between Jamie and Clair is epic in her Outlander series.  Beyond that, I have recently met so many authors through Instagram that inspire me, are supportive, and have so much talent.  Meeting these people has been a life changer.

If you're not busy writing, what are you busy doing? 

I love to read and am currently trying to ever so slowly make my way through a growing list of indie writers.  Beyond that, taking care of my home and family, which has become much easier now that my kids are grown!

Have you ever had writers block? If so, how did you get out of it?

I haven’t had writer’s block since I started writing in earnest last October.  All those years before when I couldn’t come up with enough ideas for a full story, was that writer’s block or lack of imagination?  Most likely I was just too distracted with everyday life.  My hat’s off to those authors with young children!  Now that I have that proverbial empty nest, there is less interference.

For a writer starting out what advice would you give them?

 My best advice is not to get in your own way or get stubborn with an idea.  If your characters keep swaying away from the plot, maybe it’s for a good reason.  The first concept I had for Willow’s Tale was a little boy laying in the grass looking at ants.  It morphed into Willow trying to distract herself while be assaulted in a meadow.  Stay open minded.

Have you always been creative?

I’ve been creative in many ways over my lifetime.  I’ve sketched, crocheted, dabbled in poetry, worked with horses (believe me - that takes some creativity!), and even did a little acting in high school plays (but no need to go there!).  Writing has always meant the most to me and I feel it’s my best talent.

A big THANK YOU to Nanette for letting us poke her brain. I’ve read Discovering Me and thought Nanette did a fantastic job. I gave her 5 stars! You can follow Nanette on Instagram and all her short stories are on Amazon .

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