Fighting Prose Interview with H.R. Waller

Welcome to my in-depth writers series Fighting Prose. Where I talk to authors in the industry on what their process is like and what it takes for them to keep on creating, through all the odds. This week I’m interviewing H.R. Waller an author who loves a romance and dreams of bringing mermaids to life! Check out our interview below to read all about her and her process.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing around the third and fourth grade. It started with book reports for English class and I ended up getting asked to do them for the school newspaper every week. Yes, I was that nerd.

Of the books you’ve written, which is your favorite?

I’m not sure I can pick a favorite! Both of my books have elements that I really love. I am totally jealous of the mermaids in Ocean’s Power.

What’s your favorite genre to read? Write?

I’m a sucker for a good romance of course but I also enjoy reading thrillers and young adult novels as well. I enjoy writing adult romance with a twist. I also love to write young adult books geared towards teenagers. I think it’s so important to get the younger generation into reading and out of their phones.

Tell me about your process: How do you get your ideas?

It’s usually a pretty easy process for me to get into the story, I just jump in. My mind is constantly imagining things and creating new stories that it can be a little hard to keep up. I find things in every day life that catches my attention and I’m like Oh! That’d make a great story!

What do you admire the most about the writing world?

One of my most favorite authors would have to be Nora Roberts. I started reading her books at thirteen and I snatch up every book she puts out. Sherrilyn Kenyon is another author I admire not only for her writing but for her strength through her personal life

If you're not busy writing, what are you busy doing?

I’m the mother of two teenagers so they keep me busy and if I’m not chauffeuring them around I have three dogs to keep up with.

Have you ever had writers block? If so, how did you get out of it?

I currently have around six works in progress if I find myself getting stuck on one I usually just jump to another story and work on that one until my mind starts working again.

For a writer starting out what advice would you give them?

Just go for it! Write your story, start your book and go from there. If you don’t begin somewhere then you will never know what you could accomplish.

Have you always been creative?

Yes I’d say I’ve always been creative. I would draw and sketch when I was younger and I’ve always enjoyed art and craft projects. As a teenager I would make dragon sculptures out of clay. They were actually really good.

What is your dream writing location?

My bed. (Laughing) Honestly it’s my favorite place in the house right now. I recently had two major surgeries and it’s the most comfortable spot. I’d love to travel and write in some fancy hotel balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower or on some exotic beach one day, but for now my bed will do!

In reference to your books, what question do you get asked the most?

The question I get the most is probably how do I get my ideas. I really don’t know a simple explanation for that. My idea for The Boutique Wars came when I was looking out the window from my own shop and I wondered if any town had ever had any shops try to take out the competition. The boutique business is surprisingly cutthroat I’ve learned.

If you could bring one of your characters to life who would it be? Why?

I would definitely have to say Delphina from Ocean’s Power. She’s a mermaid!

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