Book 4 Updates.


Please be patient with me! I've slowly been working on my fourth book, Alls Wright in Love and Lies

The book is not yet where I want it to be as my first standalone novel - not yet polished enough to serve as a follow-up to my trilogy series. This process is taking much longer than the trilogy did, mostly because I've progressed as an author and become harder on myself than I ever was before.

On bad days I read my writing, gag, and then proceed to rip it to shreds and rewrite it over and over again. On the really bad days I consider throwing in the towel and torching my computer. But there are also the good days, when I go back to work and continue to fix, fix, fix. Perhaps I am becoming a tortured artist - or maybe I'm just torturing myself! Either way, it will be its very best for you soon!

I hope you are ready for this book's debut because it is a novel full of romance, uncomfortable situations (my specialty!), enduring love, death, and the power of family.