Feelings & The Event

The Event is officially out!
It’s a bittersweet end to this series for me. I cried when it was over. Like most things in my life, it took me a few hours to process what happened and my feelings about it. I finished working on the last lines of The Event and went about the rest of my day, cooking dinner and taking care of our children. When my husband came home from work, I filled him on the day’s happenings and then told him that I’d completed my final corrections and read-through on the book. He was nonchalantly, halfway listening to me as I said, “Yeah. It’s over.”

Then I began bawling.
I thought about my characters and how much time I’ve spent with them. How much I enjoyed writing them. How much I am going to miss them! They feel so real to me and as I wrote them I laughed, loved, cried, and was angry right along with them. I am not sure if other writers feel this way too, but letting these characters go feels like I’m losing real friends.
My husband tried to console me and suggested maybe I write more about Cory, Samson, and Cole. I’ve thought about that possibility. Could there be more here? Could this be a series that goes on and on? But I just can’t feel that. It’s over. Their stories are all wrapped up tightly and their world is complete for me. There’s nothing I dislike more than a TV show or book series that lost its steam long ago but keeps on attempting to find the same spark there once was.

On a happy note, thank you so much to those of you who read the trilogy and told me how much you enjoyed it! That made me feel like I wasn’t crazy for spending so much time with these imaginary people. Maybe they’ll be as missed by others as they will by me.