Remove Before Flight is Out, today!

The second book of the Taking Flight Trilogy, Remove Before Flight, is out today on Amazon and iBooks.
I wrote all 120,000 words of Remove Before Flight in just three months. In fact, I believe I got a little carpal tunnel, I wrote this one so fast - but I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I started out writing Taking Flight I had basic ideas of my characters, but in the second book I really got to dig deep and explore more about them. I had a complete blast doing so!
Most of my life I’ve been stumbling around, not quite knowing what exactly my place in the world should be. I’ve never been particularly good at anything. I’ve always just been average. Average intelligence, looks, height, athletic ability … you get the point. Nothing about me was very special or different, but I was always good at observing.
I could read people’s moods and behaviors from a young age. I remember being a little girl and being so curious when my parents were playing cards late at night with their friends. I would sneak downstairs and listen to them talk. This tells me that even at that age, I was studying up. All those years of being far too nosy and interested in other people’s business taught me a lot about behavior and mannerisms. I didn’t realize this would eventually give me the ability to construct relatable characters and weave stories to go along with them.
Writing has given me the purpose I was seeking. For me, writing is cathartic. It’s my passion and at times, it can be hard to shut it down and focus on other things. I now understand that my life will always involve some form of storytelling. I hope that when you read my books, you can feel how much love I put into them and how happy I am to be making my way through this process.
If you read Taking Flight and enjoyed it, I can’t wait for you to finish Remove Before Flight because you are going to be floored! I believe that whether you’re a fan of Samson or Cole, you’ll be pleased with where this story is heading …